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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 10 books
Watson, 5 books
C. A. Brebbia, 4 books
Robert A. Stern, 3 books
IEEE Computer Society, 3 books
Robert S. Daniel, 3 books
Patrick G. McKeown, 3 books
Douglas L. Chute, 3 books
Nancy B. Stern, 3 books
A.W. Bowman, 3 books
Richard Palmer, 2 books
John A. Vonk, 2 books
Tom Vincent, 2 books
Fritz J. Erickson, 2 books
William Davis, 2 books
John Bear, 2 books
FARAH, 2 books
John Mueller, 2 books
MathWorks, 2 books
Keith Baker, 2 books
Tony Simmons, 2 books
Francky Catthoor, 2 books
Mariah Bear, 2 books
Wallace E. Wang, 2 books
Kurt Gramoll, 2 books


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