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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aleš Hrdlička, 16 books
Juan Comas, 11 books
Henry Field, 11 books
Douglas H. Ubelaker, 11 books
Alex F. Roche, 10 books
V. P. Alekseev, 9 books
Ales Hrdlicka, 8 books
Suzuki, Hisashi, 7 books
Franz Boas, 7 books
Karl Pearson, 6 books
Charles E. Snow, 6 books
Harry Lionel Shapiro, 6 books
Earnest Albert Hooton, 6 books
Charles S. Myers, 6 books
Bhuban Mohan Das, 5 books
R. L. Kirk, 5 books
Peter V. V. Hamill, 5 books
Howard Voas Meredith, 5 books
Roger Eston, 5 books
Thomas Reilly, 5 books
Clark Spencer Larsen, 5 books
Douglas W. Owsley, 5 books
Sir Francis Galton, 5 books
B. M. Das, 5 books
J. M. Tanner, 4 books


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