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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. B. Kincer, 27 books
T. Wingate Todd, 21 books
Lynda Madaras, 16 books
Robert O. Curtis, 12 books
R. E. Emmer, 12 books
P. H. Cochran, 11 books
J. M. Tanner, 10 books
P. H Cochran, 9 books
Terry D. Beacham, 9 books
Sarnat, Bernard G., 8 books
Glade B. Curtis, 8 books
Don Minore, 8 books
Larry S. Bourne, 7 books
Jean Gottmann, 7 books
Edward L. Glaeser, 7 books
Alex F. Roche, 7 books
Wilton Marion Krogman, 6 books
Edward D. Hess, 6 books
Leon Sherwood Minckler, 6 books
Robert E. Buckman, 6 books
Peter Geoffrey Hall, 6 books
Ram Charan, 6 books
Jane Belk Moncure, 6 books
Joanne Mattern, 6 books
Kenneth W Seidel, 6 books


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