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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Louise Leblanc, 2 books
Plato, 2 books
John Lekich, 2 books
Michèle Sarde, 2 books
Arnaud Blin, 2 books
Johanne Mercier, 2 books
Budge Wilson, 2 books
Sharon Jennings, 2 books
Sarah Withrow, 2 books
John Wilson, 2 books
Merle Shain, 2 books
Jean-Claude Fraisse, 1 book
Myron Brenton, 1 book
Robyn Harding, 1 book
Melissa Kantor, 1 book
Jess Lair, 1 book
Louis Rouzic, 1 book
Mireille Calmel, 1 book
Diane Tullson, 1 book
Rebecca Nahas, 1 book
Joan Fassler, 1 book
Jane B. Mason, 1 book
Willard W. Hartup, 1 book
Arnold Lobel, 1 book
Lara Rice Bergen, 1 book


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