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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lillian Hellman, 9 books
Bigsby, C. W. E., 8 books
Tennessee Williams, 8 books
Jackson R. Bryer, 7 books
Eugene O'Neill, 7 books
Christopher Bigsby, 6 books
Arthur Laurents, 5 books
Mel Gussow, 4 books
Gelb, Arthur, 3 books
Howard Teichmann, 3 books
Horton Foote, 3 books
Agnes Boulton, 3 books
Arthur Miller, 3 books
Burns Mantle, 3 books
Christopher J. Wheatley, 3 books
S. N. Behrman, 3 books
John Leguizamo, 3 books
James Vinson, 3 books
Brooke Berman, 3 books
Wilfrid Sheed, 3 books
Neil Simon, 3 books
Travis Bogard, 3 books
Louis Sheaffer, 3 books
Dotson Rader, 2 books
Gerald Clifford Weales, 2 books


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