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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gary Jeffrey, 3 books
Lewis, John, 3 books
Manning Marable, 3 books
H. K. Matthews, 2 books
W. Harry Davis, 2 books
John A. Kirk, 2 books
David A. Adler, 2 books
Larry Dane Brimner, 2 books
Kathleen V. Kudlinski, 2 books
James Haskins, 2 books
David Aretha, 2 books
Amy Bass, 2 books
Marjorie Vernell, 2 books
Michael Eric Dyson, 2 books
Raymond Arsenault, 2 books
Andrew Young, 2 books
Cobb, Charles E. Jr, 2 books
Bayard Rustin, 2 books
Minrose Gwin, 1 book
Steve Estes, 1 book
John R. Salter, 1 book
Hans Eckehard Bahr, 1 book
Frederic O. Sargent, 1 book
Tamra Orr, 1 book
Melody S. Mis, 1 book


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