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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Grant, 3 books
Lech Walesa, 2 books
David Edmonds, 2 books
John Eidinow, 2 books
Ed Rossbach, 1 book
Nancy Marshall, 1 book
Willard Clay, 1 book
Kıymet Giray, 1 book
Fred Mitchell, 1 book
Bobbie Bouton, 1 book
Gale Sayers, 1 book
Charles Morse, 1 book
Jimmy Johnson, 1 book
Ann Morse, 1 book
Kent Zimmerman, 1 book
Keith Zimmerman, 1 book
Robert Thompson, 1 book
Ed Hinton, 1 book
Michael Corris, 1 book
Bob Wade, 1 book
Bernard Falk, 1 book
J. K. Wilson, 1 book
Max Clifford, 1 book
Jorge Zicolillo, 1 book
Ted Lindberg, 1 book


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