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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Pablo Neruda, 6 books
Marjorie Agosin, 5 books
Maurice Kenny, 4 books
Michael Corr, 2 books
Basho Matsuo, 2 books
St. John, David, 2 books
Milton Rogovin, 2 books
Dennis Maloney, 2 books
Aleš Debeljak, 2 books
David Romtvedt, 2 books
John Brandi, 2 books
Gabriela Mistral, 2 books
John Montague, 2 books
Joel Oppenheimer, 2 books
Genie Zeiger, 2 books
Montague, John., 2 books
Johnson, Peter, 2 books
Hŭi-dŏk Na, 2 books
Lars Saabye Christensen, 2 books
Morgan Gibson, 2 books
George Clark, 1 book
Charles Baudelaire, 1 book
John Surowiecki, 1 book
Penny Kemp, 1 book
Chi-u Hwang, 1 book


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