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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Michel Garneau, 15 books
Beaulieu, Victor Lévy, 12 books
Michel Garneau, 11 books
Madeleine Gagnon, 8 books
Marie Laberge, 8 books
Renaud Longchamps, 7 books
Yves Thériault, 6 books
Jean-Marc Piotte, 5 books
Elizabeth Bourget, 5 books
Jacques Ferron, 5 books
Henri Lamoureux, 4 books
Victor Lévy Beaulieu, 4 books
Plume Latraverse, 4 books
Michel Dorais, 4 books
Michel Dorais, 4 books
Jean Basile, 3 books
Yolande Geadah, 3 books
Michel van Schendel, 3 books
Pauline Gill, 3 books
Philippe Haeck, 3 books
Denis Goulet, 3 books
Madeleine Gagnon, 3 books
Marco Micone, 3 books
Hélène Pedneault, 3 books
Denise Bombardier, 3 books

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