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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Desiderius Erasmus, 47 books
Northrop Frye, 46 books
Desiderius Erasmus, 43 books
John Stuart Mill, 36 books
Elizabeth Lumley, 34 books
Bernard Lonergan, 30 books
Northrop Frye, 29 books
Gwen Peroni, 25 books
Marian Butler, 24 books
Douglas Lochhead, 23 books
John T. Saywell, 23 books
John Saywell, 22 books
University of Toronto Press Staff, 22 books
Barbara H. Rosenwein, 20 books
Fleming, W. G., 19 books
Benjamin Schlesinger, 19 books
David Edward Smith, 18 books
Robert MacGregor Dawson, 17 books
Harold Adams Innis, 16 books
G. Bruce Doern, 15 books
Edward McWhinney, 15 books
Willem H. Vanderburg, 14 books
Gillian Holmes, 14 books
S. D. Clark, 13 books
L. L. Snyder, 13 books

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