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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Alan Watson, 23 books
Kenneth Coleman, 18 books
Erskine Caldwell, 14 books
Coulter, E. Merton, 10 books
Charles M. Hudson, 10 books
John Lane, 9 books
Marion Montgomery, 9 books
Nik Heynen, 9 books
E. Merton Coulter, 9 books
Hugh Ruppersburg, 8 books
Ethan Laughman, 8 books
Vincent Carretta, 7 books
Stephen Berry, 7 books
Jeanne Campbell Reesman, 7 books
Paul S. Sutter, 7 books
William B. Dillingham, 7 books
Judkin Browning, 7 books
Mathew Coleman, 7 books
Sapana Doshi, 7 books
Judith Ortiz Cofer, 6 books
Whit Gibbons, 6 books
Jim Downs, 6 books
Julie Anne Sweet, 6 books
Judith Ortiz Cofer, 6 books
George Edgar Slusser, 6 books

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