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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sucheng Chan, 10 books
Rich Westcott, 9 books
Philip Sheldon Foner, 7 books
Gregory D. Squires, 7 books
Richard Delgado, 7 books
Tom Regan, 7 books
Matthew Lipman, 6 books
Joanne J. Meyerowitz, 5 books
Eric Burns, 5 books
J. Hoberman, 4 books
Athan G. Theoharis, 4 books
Walter Laqueur, 4 books
Clinton Sanders, 4 books
Mark E. Kann, 4 books
James W. Hilty, 4 books
Joan Cassell, 4 books
Gary L. Francione, 4 books
Harry Chatten Boyte, 4 books
Jean Stefancic, 4 books
Shane Phelan, 4 books
John C. Raines, 3 books
Patricia J. Case, 3 books
William Issel, 3 books
Carmen Sirianni, 3 books
Dorothy Mary Emmet, 3 books


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