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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, 34 books
Isabel Sanchez Vegara, 33 books
Royal Horticultural Society, 24 books
Surya Sajnani, 19 books
Words and Pictures Staff, 15 books
Catherine Barr, 12 books
words&pictures, 12 books
Mick Manning, 11 books
Mary Hoffman, 11 books
QED Publishing Limited Staff, 11 books
Brita Granstrom, 10 books
Jackie Morris, 10 books
Lucy Brownridge, 10 books
Sarah Garland, 9 books
Sean Taylor, 9 books
Nancy Loewen, 8 books
Caroline Moss, 8 books
Sinem Erkas, 8 books
Heather Alexander, 7 books
Ros Asquith, 7 books
Sinclair McKay, 7 books
Holly Sterling, 7 books
Katy Flint, 7 books
Teresa Bellon, 7 books
Clive Gifford, 6 books

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