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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Michael Riera, 5 books
Christopher Locke, 4 books
Jerry W. Gilley, 4 books
Glade B. Curtis, 3 books
Jonny Bowden, 2 books
Ian Stewart, 2 books
Joseph Di Prisco, 2 books
Teri Maggio, 2 books
George W. Barlow, 2 books
Richard Schwartz, 2 books
Calvin C. Clawson, 2 books
Barry R. Parker, 2 books
Robert G. Cooper, 2 books
Jonathan Low, 2 books
Perseus Publishing, 2 books
William Wolman, 2 books
Jacqueline Olds, 2 books
Henry M. Robert, 2 books
Sally Goldberg, 2 books
Justin Martin, 2 books
Richard Schwartz, 2 books
Alison Freeland, 1 book
Williams, David R., 1 book
Henry Lee, 1 book
Ma, Shanggeng, 1 book

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