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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Robert S. Levine, 16 books
Ferenc Máté, 9 books
Michal Brody, 8 books
Patrick O'Brian, 8 books
Stephen Greenblatt, 8 books
Mary Roach, 7 books
Richard Bullock, 7 books
Chapters, 6 books
Eric Foner, 6 books
Sam Caldwell, 6 books
Francine Weinberg, 6 books
Tim Flannery, 6 books
Hal R. Varian, 6 books
Stephen Marshak, 6 books
Anonymous, 6 books
Michael A. Elliott, 5 books
Amy Hungerford, 5 books
Theodore J. Lowi, 5 books
Benjamin Ginsberg, 5 books
John O'Brien, 5 books
Sandra M. Gustafson, 5 books
David E. Shi, 5 books
Cathy Diez-Luckie, 4 books
M. H. Abrams, 4 books
Charles Wheelan, 4 books

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