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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Raif Geha, 71 books
Fred Rosen, 69 books
Richard Bullock, 60 books
Michal Brody, 57 books
Francine Weinberg, 55 books
Anonymous, 55 books
Lawall, 48 books
Theodore J. Lowi, 42 books
Benjamin Ginsberg, 42 books
Joseph Machlis, 42 books
Eric Foner, 38 books
George B. Tindall, 38 books
Adrienne Rich, 34 books
Patrick O'Brian, 34 books
Gerald Graff, 32 books
Cathy Birkenstein, 31 books
Stephen Greenblatt, 25 books
Babette Rothschild, 23 books
Joseph E. Stiglitz, 23 books
Edwin Mansfield, 22 books
Robert Tignor, 21 books
Patricia Highsmith, 21 books
Nina Baym, 21 books
Anthony Giddens, 20 books
Maureen Daly Goggin, 18 books

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