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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ferdinand Bordewijk, 54 books
Simon Vestdijk, 39 books
Pierre Hubert Dubois, 21 books
Marnix Gijsen, 12 books
Arnon Grunberg, 10 books
Jan Jacob Slauerhoff, 8 books
Dolf de Vries, 8 books
Jan Greshoff, 7 books
Aya Zikken, 7 books
Harry Platteel, 6 books
Albert Helman, 6 books
Theodor Holman, 6 books
Hans van de Waarsenburg, 6 books
Jan van der Vegt, 6 books
Frans Pointl, 6 books
Mireille Cottenjé, 5 books
Willy Roggeman, 5 books
Willy Lauwens, 5 books
Bart Chabot, 5 books
Kick van der Veer, 5 books
Kees van Beijnum, 5 books
Henk van Gelder, 5 books
Wim Hazeu, 5 books
Marja Pruis, 5 books
Hans Vervoort, 5 books

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