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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kevin Perrotta, 53 books
Loyola Press, 25 books
Margaret Silf, 10 books
Joe Paprocki, 9 books
William George Storey, 8 books
James P. Campbell, 8 books
Amy Welborn, 7 books
Joan Wester Anderson, 7 books
Dominic Grassi, 7 books
William A. Barry, 6 books
Paul Coutinho, 5 books
Vinita Hampton Wright, 5 books
Bert Ghezzi, 5 books
Louise Perrotta, 5 books
James Martin, 4 books
Joye Gros, 4 books
Carol Lynn Pearson, 4 books
Dorothy M. Stewart, 4 books
Martin, James S.J., 4 books
Daniel J. Harrington, 4 books
Bill Dodds, 4 books
Barbara F. Campbell, 4 books
Liz Kelly, 4 books
Robert Schoen, 3 books
Gregory F. Pierce, 3 books


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