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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Flora Speer, 17 books
Cassie Edwards, 16 books
Connie Mason, 14 books
Melanie Jackson, 12 books
Saranne Dawson, 12 books
Rebecca Brandewyne, 11 books
Lori Copeland, 10 books
Kathleen Nance, 10 books
Stobie Piel, 9 books
Eugenia Riley, 9 books
Anne Avery, 9 books
Sandra Hill, 9 books
Christine Feehan, 8 books
Norah Hess, 8 books
Leigh Greenwood, 8 books
Elaine Barbieri, 7 books
Colleen Shannon, 7 books
Janeen O'Kerry, 7 books
Jennifer Ashley, 7 books
Lori Handeland, 7 books
Kathleen Morgan, 7 books
Minda Webber, 7 books
Linda Winstead, 7 books
Tess Mallory, 6 books
Liz Maverick, 6 books


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