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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
W. Murray, 35 books
Ladybird, 30 books
W. Murray, 21 books
Walt Disney Company, 16 books
Ladybird Books, 14 books
Walt Disney, 14 books
Hy Murdock, 13 books
Walt Disney Productions, 12 books
Vera Southgate, 11 books
Sue Ullstein, 11 books
Grant, John, 11 books
Jean Adamson, 10 books
Jill Corby, 10 books
Joan Stimson, 10 books
Geraldine Taylor, 9 books
Roger Hurt, 9 books
Fran Hunia, 7 books
David Hately, 7 books
Nicola Baxter, 7 books
William Murray, 7 books
Joan Collins, 7 books
Ronne Randall, 6 books
William Murray, 6 books
Audrey Daly, 6 books
Neville Astley, 6 books


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