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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bill Knox, 9 books
Leonard R. Gribble, 8 books
Gerald Sparrow, 6 books
Pierre Audemars, 5 books
John Creasey, 5 books
Edgar Wallace, 4 books
Jeffrey Ashford, 4 books
Edmund Spenser, 3 books
Rowland, John, 3 books
Justin Atholl, 3 books
Long, Jerry., 3 books
Robert MacLeod, 3 books
Harold Bindloss, 3 books
Frédéric Loliée, 2 books
F. Dickberry, 2 books
Curt Riess, 2 books
Michael Glenne, 2 books
Victoria Cross, 2 books
Maxwell Gray, 2 books
George Chetwynd Griffith, 2 books
Olga Hesky, 2 books
Henry Grey, 2 books
John Capstick, 2 books
Gale, John, 2 books
Lajos Felbermann, 2 books

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