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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
International Monetary Fund., 574 books
International Monetary Fund, 29 books
Gold, Joseph, 27 books
Sanjeev Gupta, 14 books
J. C. Odling-Smee, 13 books
Vito Tanzi, 12 books
Paul R. Masson, 9 books
Charles Collyns, 8 books
Eduardo Borensztein, 8 books
Abdul Abiad, 8 books
Andrew Berg, 8 books
Morris Goldstein, 8 books
Susan Schadler, 8 books
Peter S. Heller, 8 books
Marc Quintyn, 7 books
Saleh M. Nsouli, 7 books
Statistics Department, 7 books
Eva Jenkner, 7 books
James M. Boughton, 7 books
Ashoka Mody, 7 books
Peter Isard, 7 books
Carlo Cottarelli, 7 books
Dhaneshwar Ghura, 7 books
Arye L. Hillman, 6 books
Barry J. Eichengreen, 6 books


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