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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
R. W. Alexander, 15 books
Joe Schrantz, 9 books
Billye Dymally, 8 books
Mishka Zakharin, 5 books
Nelly Coneway, 5 books
Edward J. Malin, 5 books
James D. Yoder, 5 books
Jay Thomas Willis, 4 books
Betty Hyland, 4 books
Joseph A. Conover, 4 books
Mark E. Rogers, 4 books
Anonymous, 4 books
S. Z. Ahmed, 4 books
Daniel Stewart, Ph.D. Acuff, 4 books
Rune Macey, 4 books
B. L. Dotson-Lewis, 4 books
Kenneth L. Marshall, 4 books
Hilber H. Graf, 4 books
Michael Marzicola, 4 books
Harry A. Shelman, 4 books
Hub Broyles, 4 books
Steven A. Wilkens, 4 books
Sharon Miner, 4 books
Anantanand Rambachan, 3 books
Veronica Kegel-Coon, 3 books


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