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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Hyman E. Goldin, 4 books
Alexander Harkavy, 4 books
Meir Letteris, 3 books
Jules Verne, 2 books
Moses Maimonides, 2 books
Howard Fast, 1 book
Jacob ben Wolf Kranz, 1 book
Philip Birnbaum, 1 book
Rashi, 1 book
Jews., 1 book
Jacob H. Schiff, 1 book
Y. Y. Zeṿin, 1 book
Herbert M. Adler, 1 book
Ab Baroff, 1 book
Blumberg, Harry, 1 book
M. Rosenbaum, 1 book
Solomon Ganzfried, 1 book
Jacob Gordin, 1 book
Tina Levitan, 1 book
A. M. Rotblatt, 1 book
Mordekhai Mishḳin, 1 book
Aleksandrov, A. pseud., 1 book
Fanny Neuda, 1 book
Jacob Goldman, 1 book
Mosheh Shṭern, 1 book

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