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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Grolier Educational (Firm), 25 books
Brian Knapp, 13 books
Grolier Educational, 12 books
Jen Green, 6 books
William Strong, 6 books
Brian J. Knapp, 5 books
Geoff Miller, 5 books
Frank Puccio, 5 books
Dan Doyle, 5 books
Maggie Da Silva, 5 books
Angela Royston, 4 books
Lorien Kite, 4 books
Michael Pollard, 4 books
Walker, Richard, 4 books
Grolier Educational Corporation, 4 books
Philip Wilkinson, 3 books
Jacqueline Dineen, 3 books
Ingrid Cranfield, 3 books
Ian Chilvers, 3 books
Andy Charman, 3 books
Robert Hirschfeld, 3 books
Elizabeth Somer, 3 books
Patricia Sechi-Johnson, 3 books
Derek Hall, 2 books
James Kinchen, 2 books


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