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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Arkwright, 4 books
William J. Baumol, 2 books
Findlay, J. N., 2 books
A. J. Culyer, 1 book
Philip Hughes, 1 book
W. H. Walsh, 1 book
Henry Pelling, 1 book
Andrew Rosen, 1 book
Roger Anstey, 1 book
Edwin Burmeister, 1 book
Ian M. T. Stewart, 1 book
John Creedy, 1 book
Erich Schneider, 1 book
Rimlinger, Gaston V., 1 book
Ronald Frankenberg, 1 book
Michael Hurst, 1 book
J. R. Western, 1 book
Lars G. Sandberg, 1 book
Black, Jeremy., 1 book
Antony Flew, 1 book
John Kenyon, 1 book
David Archard, 1 book
Campbell, 1 book
Alvin H. Hansen, 1 book
Michael Brock, 1 book


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