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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ted Hughes, 97 books
Lawrence Durrell, 83 books
T. S. Eliot, 71 books
W. H. Auden, 58 books
Walter De la Mare, 57 books
Ezra Pound, 45 books
Tom Stoppard, 43 books
Louis MacNeice, 41 books
Harold Pinter, 38 books
Hare, David, 37 books
Herbert Edward Read, 34 books
Seamus Heaney, 31 books
Samuel Beckett, 31 books
Paul Auster, 30 books
Maurice Collis, 29 books
Alison Uttley, 29 books
John Osborne, 28 books
Henry Williamson, 28 books
Sara Corrin, 27 books
Alan Ayckbourn, 26 books
Alan Bennett, 24 books
Hanif Kureishi, 24 books
Stephen Corrin, 23 books
Neil Miller Gunn, 23 books
William Saroyan, 23 books

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