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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Peter Nijkamp, 16 books
Philip Arestis, 15 books
John Creedy, 13 books
Blaug, Mark., 13 books
United Nations. Industrial Development Organization., 8 books
Mohan Munasinghe, 8 books
Kenneth Button, 8 books
R. Kerry Turner, 8 books
Roger Stough, 7 books
Kenneth John Button, 7 books
Gavin Boyd, 7 books
Claude Menard, 6 books
William A. Kerr, 6 books
Mark Casson, 6 books
Alain Fayolle, 6 books
C. H. Kirkpatrick, 5 books
Neri Salvadori, 5 books
Yanrui Wu, 5 books
Ian Bateman, 5 books
Fiona Macmillan, 5 books
Louis-Philippe Rochon, 5 books
Charles Harvie, 5 books
Ruth Towse, 5 books
Charlie Karlsson, 5 books
Bob Jessop, 5 books

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