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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Norman S. Goldenberg, 111 books
Peter Tenen, 51 books
Robert J. Switzer, 37 books
Legalines, inc., 21 books
Roberta E. Sand, 16 books
Jonathan Neville, 14 books
David H. Barber, 12 books
Terry Molloy, 10 books
Rich Lovich, 8 books
Aaron, Richard I., 7 books
Rick Brody, 7 books
Bill Carero, 7 books
Gary D. Allison, 7 books
James Rosenthal, 6 books
Matt Hardy, 5 books
Beatrice Taines, 4 books
Dana L. Blatt, 4 books
Brian N. Siegel, 4 books
Sanford H. Kadish, 4 books
Kemp Richardson, 4 books
David W. Louisell, 3 books
Rochelle Landau, 3 books
Rafael G. Armijo, 3 books
Claudia Norby, 3 books
John E. Cribbet, 2 books

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