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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jacques Maritain, 10 books
André Chouraqui, 10 books
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, 8 books
Jean Onimus, 8 books
Maurice Zermatten, 4 books
Jozef Boon, 4 books
Jules Didiot, 4 books
Jean Mouton, 4 books
Pierre Emmanuel, 3 books
Charles Journet, 3 books
Columba Marmion, 3 books
Gustave Thils, 3 books
Petit, Jacques, 3 books
Maria Czapska, 3 books
Gustave Nadaud, 3 books
Pierre Sipriot, 3 books
Raïssa Maritain, 3 books
Hélder Câmara, 3 books
Maurice Bellet, 3 books
Jean Galot, 3 books
Marcus Minucius Félix, 3 books
Augustine of Hippo, Saint, 3 books
Lucien Cerfaux, 2 books
Léon-Etienne Duval, 2 books
Jean Mesnard, 2 books

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