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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Geoff Johns, 89 books
Gardner F. Fox, 50 books
DC Comics, 50 books
Various, 49 books
Will Eisner, 47 books
Jerry Siegel, 43 books
Jeph Loeb, 39 books
Paul Dini, 38 books
Greg Rucka, 37 books
Judd Winick, 37 books
Gail Simone, 35 books
Grant Morrison, 34 books
Dennis O'Neil, 33 books
Bill Willingham, 32 books
Mark Waid, 31 books
Dan Jurgens, 28 books
Neil Gaiman, 28 books
Grant Morrison, 27 books
Chuck Dixon, 26 books
Jack Kirby, 25 books
Alan Grant, 24 books
Brian Azzarello, 23 books
Tony Bedard, 22 books
Keith Giffen, 22 books
Paul Levitz, 21 books


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