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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Tabor Evans, 11 books
JoAnna M. Lund, 9 books
Amelia Grey, 4 books
Wesley Ellis, 4 books
Jake Logan, 4 books
Joe Dever, 4 books
Curtis, Tony, 3 books
Vicki Iovine, 3 books
Gary Heavin, 3 books
Carrie Austen, 3 books
J.R. Roberts, 3 books
Margaret Frazer, 3 books
Robert Masello, 3 books
Cally Hughes, 3 books
Dick Gautier, 3 books
Tom Clancy, 3 books
Alan S. Levin, 2 books
Emma Holly, 2 books
Christo Zouves, 2 books
Janet Quinn, 2 books
Kathleen Sage, 2 books
Lawrence Sanders, 2 books
Lawrence Block, 2 books
Donald G. Krause, 2 books
Charlaine Harris, 2 books


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