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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Disney Studios, 19 books
Carlos Silveyra, 10 books
Disney, 4 books
Miranda MacQuitty, 4 books
Steve Parker, 4 books
Tony Ross, 4 books
Peppa Pig, 4 books
Francisco Ribes, 3 books
Juliet Clutton-Brock, 3 books
David Burnie, 3 books
Isabel Gaines, 3 books
Lorijuegos, 3 books
Rosemary Wells, 3 books
Carlos Chimal, 3 books
Carlo Collodi, 2 books
Adriana D'Atri, 2 books
Philip Steele, 2 books
Arnhilda Badia, 2 books
Laura Emilia Pacheco, 2 books
Judy Katschke, 2 books
Lucas J. Luchilo, 2 books
Lionel Bender, 2 books
Neil Ardley, 2 books
David McKee, 2 books
José Luis Trueba Lara, 2 books


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