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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Thomas Gillespie, 18 books
Rachel Caine, 8 books
Catherine Barr, 8 books
Lucy Schall, 7 books
Dwayne D. Hayes, 5 books
David Orme, 4 books
Teri S. Lesesne, 4 books
Juliette Yaakov, 4 books
Michael Cart, 4 books
Isabel Schon, 4 books
Anne Price, 4 books
Joan F. Kaywell, 4 books
New York Public Library., 4 books
Donald R. Gallo, 3 books
Jeffrey S. Kaplan, 3 books
Ute Dettmar, 3 books
Adele Sarkissian, 3 books
Patrick Jones, 3 books
Sally Estes, 3 books
Alleen Pace Nilsen, 3 books
Sheila B. Anderson, 3 books
Kenneth L. Donelson, 3 books
Virginia R. Monseau, 3 books
Betty Carter, 3 books
Millicent Lenz, 3 books


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