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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Judy Barrett Litoff, 4 books
Marcus Brotherton, 4 books
Bruce M. Petty, 3 books
Gerald Astor, 3 books
James H. Madison, 2 books
Kemp Tolley, 2 books
Jim B. Smith, 2 books
Melvin Small, 2 books
Alvin B. Kernan, 2 books
Astrid Lindgren, 2 books
James A. Antonucci, 2 books
Marion K. Antonucci, 2 books
Michael Nash, 2 books
Peter Carroll, 2 books
Brian Lockman, 2 books
Thomas Saylor, 2 books
Richard H. Nelson, 2 books
Tom Brokaw, 2 books
James D. Hornfischer, 2 books
Richard Tregaskis, 2 books
James Lord, 2 books
Charles W. Sweeney, 2 books
George E. Koskimaki, 2 books
Cole C. Kingseed, 2 books
Diana Meyers Bahr, 2 books


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