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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 8 books
Wŏn-hong Kim, 5 books
Barbara Boxer, 5 books
Sarah Childs, 4 books
Ingrid Betancourt, 4 books
Manon Tremblay, 4 books
Rosina Harrison, 3 books
Mary Higgins Clark, 3 books
John Grigg, 3 books
Hillary Clinton, 3 books
Alan H. Levy, 3 books
Edna Ferber, 3 books
Christine Fauré, 3 books
Pong-suk Son, 3 books
Susan Collins, 3 books
Sang-jŏng Sim, 3 books
Gabrielle D. Giffords, 3 books
Manon Tremblay, 3 books
Christopher Sykes, 2 books
Derek Marlowe, 2 books
David N. Bossie, 2 books
Sandra H. Shichtman, 2 books
Dwayne Epstein, 2 books
Sarah Tieck, 2 books
Catherine Wells, 2 books


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