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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dennis A. Trinkle, 2 books
Dorothy Auchter, 2 books
P. K. McBride, 2 books
Galen Grimes, 2 books
McBride, 2 books
Scott A. Merriman, 2 books
Todd E. Larson, 2 books
Chris Demontravel, 2 books
Rick Stout, 2 books
Paul Jones, 2 books
Bill Junor, 2 books
Jonathan Magid, 2 books
Morgan Davis, 1 book
Brian Francis, 1 book
Paul Wolfe, 1 book
Dan DiNicolo, 1 book
Jason Bloomberg, 1 book
Patrick Carey, 1 book
Bruce Sinclair, 1 book
Thomas J. Cashman, 1 book
Phil Bradley, 1 book
Richard Bowen, 1 book
Robert Barker, 1 book
Kennington., 1 book
Michael J. Palmer, 1 book


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