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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Broglie, Louis de, 29 books
Arnold Sommerfeld, 5 books
Jean-Louis Destouches, 5 books
Erwin Schrödinger, 4 books
Mott, N. F. Sir, 4 books
Walter Heitler, 3 books
René Dugas, 3 books
Linus Pauling, 3 books
Ron Atkin, 3 books
Przibram, Karl, 3 books
Stanley Raimes, 3 books
T. L. Cottrell, 3 books
L. R. B. Elton, 2 books
Arthur March, 2 books
Frenkelʹ, I͡A. I., 2 books
H. T. Flint, 2 books
J. W. Linnett, 2 books
Thomson, G. P. Sir, 2 books
E. Corinaldesi, 2 books
Werner Heisenberg, 2 books
Léon Brillouin, 2 books
Louis de Broglie, 2 books
Jagdish Mehra, 2 books
Raymond Daudel, 2 books
Edward Uhler Condon, 2 books


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