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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Whiting, 10 books
John Marsden, 10 books
John Marsden, 9 books
John Flanagan, 7 books
Brandon Sanderson, 6 books
John Flanagan, 6 books
Andrew Smith, 5 books
Peter Cave, 5 books
Rick Yancey, 5 books
Ouida, 5 books
Alan Savage, 4 books
Michael Foreman, 4 books
Martin Leicht, 4 books
Cinda Williams Chima, 3 books
Kathryn Lasky, 3 books
Walter Dean Myers, 3 books
Chris Lynch, 3 books
Andy McNab, 3 books
David Rimer, 3 books
Tim Seeley, 3 books
Brandon Jerwa, 3 books
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, 3 books
Paolo Bacigalupi, 3 books
Margaret Peterson Haddix, 3 books
Herbie Brennan, 3 books


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