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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jim DeFelice, 6 books
Larry Bond, 5 books
Ouida, 5 books
William E. Butterworth IV, 4 books
William E. Butterworth (W.E.B.) Griffin, 4 books
Charles Whiting, 4 books
Jack Higgins, 4 books
Dale Brown, 3 books
S. M. Stirling, 3 books
Pamela Oldfield, 3 books
Gerald Hammond, 3 books
H. Jay Riker, 3 books
Alexander Fullerton, 2 books
Simon Beaufort, 2 books
Joe Musser, 2 books
George Lee, 2 books
Richard J. Beamish, 2 books
Derek Robinson, 2 books
Jim Defelice, 2 books
Sally Spencer, 2 books
Alan Rustage, 2 books
George Oscar Lee, 2 books
R. L. Upchurch, 2 books
Col. R.L. Upchurch USMC , 2 books
David Rimer, 2 books


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