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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vietnam., 19 books
Robert Storey, 7 books
Mason Florence, 5 books
Daniel Robinson, 4 books
Nick Ray, 4 books
Võ, Nguyên Giáp, 3 books
Mark Lewis, 3 books
Jan Dodd, 3 books
John Colvin, 3 books
Derek Maitland, 2 books
Phạm, Văn Trà., 2 books
John G. Hubbell, 2 books
Duyên Anh, 2 books
David Tornquist, 2 books
Mark Sidel, 2 books
William J. Duiker, 2 books
Joe Cummings, 2 books
James M. Freeman, 2 books
Caroline Young, 2 books
Gontran De Poncins, 2 books
Victoria Brooks, 2 books
Adrian Hill, 2 books
Virginia Jealous, 2 books
Xavier Guillaume, 2 books
Nguyen Dinh Huu, 2 books


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