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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Ancona, 9 books
Alma Flor Ada, 9 books
Mary J. Andrade, 7 books
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 7 books
F. Isabel Campoy, 6 books
Guadalupe Loaeza, 5 books
Jo Beverley, 4 books
Julia Quinn, 4 books
Octavio Paz, 4 books
Lisa Kleypas, 4 books
Alice Munro, 4 books
Jayne Ann Krentz, 3 books
Mary Jo Putney, 3 books
Enrique Florescano, 3 books
Mary Balogh, 3 books
Carmen Lomas Garza, 3 books
Rosario Ferré, 3 books
Carlos Monsiváis, 3 books
Tracy Chevalier, 3 books
Armistead Maupin, 3 books
John D. Clare, 3 books
村上春樹, 3 books
Germán Dehesa, 3 books
James Lockhart, 3 books
Katharine Ashe, 3 books