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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antony S. Moore, 5 books
Kirk N. Gelatt, 5 books
Wayne E. Wingfield, 4 books
Kevin A. Hahn, 4 books
Michael D. Willard, 4 books
Harold Tvedten, 4 books
Mary Anna Thrall, 4 books
Joe P. Morgan, 4 books
Muir, William, 4 books
Ian G. Mayhew, 4 books
P. A. Flecknell, 3 books
Dennis J. Chew, 3 books
O. W. Schalm, 3 books
Bernard F. Feldman, 3 books
Carl A. Osborne, 3 books
Horst Schebitz, 3 books
J. Desmond Baggot, 3 books
Jan Bellows, 3 books
Arlene Coulson, 3 books
Juan C. Samper, 3 books
John A. E. Hubbell, 3 books
Susan G. Wynn, 3 books
Lawrence P. Tilley, 3 books
Ian R. Tizard, 3 books
Shawn Messonnier, 3 books


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