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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Milet publishing, 11 books
Fiona Watt, 7 books
Henry Pluckrose, 7 books
Ernst Heinrich Weber, 6 books
Victoria Parker, 6 books
Emmett Martin, 6 books
Dolores Krieger, 6 books
Sharon Gordon, 5 books
Yvette Hatwell, 5 books
Morton A. Heller, 5 books
Edouard Gentaz, 5 books
David Katz, 4 books
Irene Yates, 4 books
William Bengston, 4 books
Arlette Streri, 4 books
Elizabeth Verdick, 3 books
Mary Mackill, 3 books
Karen Bryant-Mole, 3 books
James Charles Bliss, 3 books
Constance Classen, 3 books
Sally Hewitt, 3 books
Claire Llewellyn, 3 books
Sue Barraclough, 3 books
Robin Nelson, 3 books
Rachel Wells, 3 books