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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
T. Ryle Dwyer, 4 books
Raita Merivirta, 3 books
Frank O'Connor, 2 books
Barry, Tom, 2 books
Chrissy Osborne, 2 books
Carl W. Ackerman, 2 books
William H. Kautt, 2 books
Joseph McKenna, 2 books
Eoin Neeson, 2 books
O'Connor, Ulick., 2 books
Collins, Michael, 2 books
Desmond Ryan, 2 books
Pat Muldowney, 2 books
Fionnuala Mac Curtain, 2 books
William Sheehan, 2 books
Patricia Falvey, 2 books
Philip O'Connor, 1 book
Joseph G. Ambrose, 1 book
Hammond, J. L., 1 book
James Joseph Gleeson, 1 book
Margaret Walsh, 1 book
Eamonn Gaynor, 1 book
Batt O'Connor, 1 book
Seán Moylan, 1 book
Michael Foy, 1 book


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