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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Pendleton, 12 books
Yonah Alexander, 11 books
Andrew Silke, 6 books
Rohan Gunaratna, 5 books
Paul Wilkinson, 5 books
Richard Jackson, 4 books
Walter Laqueur, 4 books
Noam Chomsky, 4 books
Edward F. Mickolus, 4 books
Richard Clutterbuck, 4 books
Magnus Ranstorp, 4 books
Ami Pedahzur, 3 books
Jason Burke, 3 books
Ronald D. Crelinsten, 3 books
Daniel Silva, 3 books
Stewart, Chris, 3 books
J. Bowyer Bell, 3 books
David Lowe, 3 books
Tom Clancy, 3 books
Nelson DeMille, 3 books
Anat Kurz, 3 books
Jon Coaffee, 3 books
Khaled Abou El Fadl, 3 books
Alan O'Day, 3 books
John L. Esposito, 3 books