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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Hickey, 8 books
George Robinson, 7 books
Angela Thody, 5 books
Mike Hughes, 5 books
Barbara Maines, 5 books
Mavis G. Sanders, 4 books
Jill A. Lindberg, 4 books
Paula Kluth, 4 books
Sally Brown, 4 books
Joyce L. Epstein, 4 books
Ian Harris, 4 books
Karen Clark Salinas, 4 books
Beth S. Simon, 4 books
Paul Noble, 4 books
Dianne Evans Kelley, 4 books
Richard A. Villa, 4 books
Tina Rae, 4 books
Joan Franklin Smutny, 4 books
Oliver Caviglioli, 4 books
Alice Udvari-Solner, 4 books
Jean Noble, 4 books
Derek Bowden, 4 books
Barbara Gray, 4 books
James B. Rowley, 3 books
Andrew Pollard, 3 books


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