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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen Walker, 6 books
Ian Reece, 6 books
Judy R. Wilkerson, 4 books
William Steve Lang, 4 books
Tanya Fedoruk Cook, 4 books
Vivienne Collinson, 4 books
Gerald Grace, 3 books
Delia Touchton Halverson, 3 books
Sally Lyon, 3 books
William Welty, 3 books
Martin Lawn, 3 books
Rita Silverman, 3 books
Barbara L. Brock, 3 books
Marilyn L. Grady, 3 books
M. Serra Goethals, 2 books
John Heyl Vincent, 2 books
Bernhard Bierschenk, 2 books
Sara Bubb, 2 books
James B. Rowley, 2 books
Andrew Pollard, 2 books
Jos Kessels, 2 books
Frederick Tracy, 2 books
W. Richardson, 2 books
Randall B. Lindsey, 2 books
Rose A. Howard, 2 books


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