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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claudia Benthien, 4 books
Margrit Shildrick, 4 books
David Le Breton, 4 books
Janet Price, 3 books
Roy G. Willis, 3 books
Kwok Man-ho, 3 books
Antoine de Baecque, 3 books
Elizabeth Wilson, 3 books
Richard Mabey, 3 books
Paola Maresca, 2 books
Alfred Koehn, 2 books
[Carruthers Miss], 2 books
Irina Evgenʹevna Danilova, 2 books
Paul de Saint-Hilaire, 2 books
Riklef Kandeler, 2 books
Alphonso Lingis, 2 books
Tom Standage, 2 books
Francis, Mark, 2 books
Norman J. Cohen, 2 books
Uli Linke, 2 books
James Hillman, 2 books
Marina Heilmeyer, 2 books
Jacques Galinier, 2 books
Sian Griffiths, 2 books
Efrat Tseëlon, 2 books


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