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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ray C. Anderson, 5 books
G. Tyler Miller, 4 books
Thomas L. Wheelen, 3 books
Stuart Hart, 3 books
Barry Dalal-Clayton, 3 books
Joy Murray, 3 books
Erik Simanis, 3 books
Mohan Munasinghe, 3 books
David Pearce, 2 books
Vandana Shiva, 2 books
Pamela Grant, 2 books
Kirk Hamilton, 2 books
Malin Falkenmark, 2 books
Arthur Haswell, 2 books
William Stewart, 2 books
Tim Jackson, 2 books
P. A. Matson, 2 books
Maria da Graca Carvalho, 2 books
Ailsa Holloway, 2 books
Berkshire Publishing Group, 2 books
Richard Dubourg, 2 books
Carlos Young, 2 books
Chris Goodall, 2 books
Johan Rockström, 2 books
Kevin Bishop, 2 books


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